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See your Lakers logo when your phone screen is off and watch it disappear when the screen lights up!

Custom Screen Design: It’s the only screen protector with a personalized design right on the screen! 

Doesn’t Obscure Text: Once your backlit display turns on, the design on your screen protector magically disappears. Watch movies, read text messages, and surf the internet just like normal. Once your backlit display is off, your design reappears on the screen like magic!

Super Durable: Our proprietary design has been in testing for years, and the custom-made, 0.33mm-thick screen helps you resist scratches, scuffs, and drops to keep your screen always pristine.

Easy Installation: Screen protector installs in seconds so you can get going immediately and show off your cool design to all your friends.

Officially Licensed with Fan Brander


  • Step 1: Remove all contents from packaging. 
  • Step 2: Clean screen with we wipe provided
  • Step 3: Dry screen with microfiber cloth 
  • Step 4: Use dust absorber to collect any remaining dust
  • Step 5: Peel screen from plastic protector 
  • Step 6: Apply top to bottom pushing the screen down
  • Step 7: Push out any remaining bubbles

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
FB ad brought me here.

I do not like to use phone cases, it makes the phone more bulky. I have bought Lakers cases and had Kobe as my wallpaper, might seem small but having the logo on the protector lets me rep my boys without a case or removing the family from the lock screen. This is very smart, I LOVE IT! #Lakeshow

Love this thing!

Saw this on Facebook and knew I had to have it! This is one of the best Lakers products I have ever bought! I highly recommend this to any Lakers fan.

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