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We will not produce trademarked artwork! Please respect the IP of other Brands! 

Only upload PNG Images that are black and white! We cannot have color in the design. 

If you want any text, monogram, or have any comments please add it in the comments at check out. If we have any issues our team will contact you ASAP. 

Disappearing LOGO!

When your phone turns on the design will disappear before your eyes! 

Super Durable

Our 100% Tempered Glass has been in testing for years! It offers Edge to Edge Protection while showing off your passion.

Fast and Easy Application

Installing your screen protector is simple, just view our instructions below.

Case Friendly

Our proprietary design allows for the use of any phone case. 


Thank you so much for your support! Due to demand, our production is delayed at least two weeks right now. We are working at full capacity! 

iPhone 12 series orders will be delayed on average an extra week.

Protect your phone with your passion! 


  • Step 1: Remove all contents from packaging. 
  • Step 2: Clean screen with we wipe provided
  • Step 3: Dry screen with microfiber cloth 
  • Step 4: Use dust absorber to collect any remaining dust
  • Step 5: Peel screen from plastic protector 
  • Step 6: Apply top to bottom pushing the screen down
  • Step 7: Push out any remaining bubbles

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